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Disruptor, innovator and entrepreneur working mainly in education, industrial relations and technology.  Expect blogs on climbing, edtech and trade unions.

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How I think you should vote at BMC AGM 2018, and why I’m running for Vice President 2nd June 2018

First things first, how you vote, is entirely your decision, and I encourage you to read the documents attached on each item at the top of the voting card.  If you disagree with me on how to vote, then that’s fine! However, if, like me, you… Read more

What next for the BMC, its governance, and Sport England? 10th March 2018

On Friday last week, 2nd March, we handed over to the BMC, our work on the independent Organisational Review Group.  The final report was an amended recommendations report, following a 3 month consultation on our initial report in November.  As of last Friday, the ORG as a body, was disbanded, and its members, now well versed in the complexities of the BMC, are back to their respective roles, or are simply just back to being BMC members. Read more

Changing the BMC 2nd December 2017

Since April the BMC Organisational Review Group has worked collectively for thousands of hours, sent thousands of emails, written a 40k word report with 51 recommendations, gathered the views of over 4500 BMC members, spoken to c. 25 partner organisations and stakeholders, launched a further consultation, and done a tour of England and Wales presenting the report at local area meetings, to over 400 BMC members. Read more

A week in Chamonix: Storms, Slabs, Digital Crack and an epic descent 8th August 2017

The week in Chamonix began by getting caught in a storm, and ended the same way.  The first one expected, the second one less so, but sandwiched in the middle was a couple of peaks that will make the week a memorable one.

Some obscure routes and some classics: El Niño, Madame Rêve, Digital Crack and République Bananière. Read more

How you can get involved with the BMC’s Independent Organisational Review 21st July 2017

Back in March, just before the AGM I wrote about the motion of no confidence raised against the British Mountaineering Council (BMC).  Of course, the motion was defeated, but the BMC was, and is, under a period of potential reform. Read more

Epic TV: Yoga for Climbers 27th May 2017

A six part yoga for climbers video series in partnership with Epic TV, Prana and the Depot Climbing Centre Manchester.

Each episode is 10 minutes, so you can do the standalone sessions as a great pre-climb warm up, or post climb cool down, mix and match sessions to create a climber specific workout, or complete the full series as an hour long challenging yoga session specifically tailored to climber’s needs. Enjoy! Read more

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Spent a fascinating week in Kurdistan and Northern Iraq with @theultrarunnergirl visiting the work of the NGO she founded @freetorunngo (more on that later) in and around Erbil.

As a part of the world still dealing with the fallout of years of ongoing conflict and the violence and oppression of ISIS most recently, Covid adds just another complex challenge for those living here: not least for those internally displaced from homes across Iraq to which it is still too dangerous to return, like Mosul and Sinjar.

It’s a privilege to have been able to visit, particularly with the world as it is right now. It was a short trip, yet full of many surprises, culture and unexpected landscapes. Erbil is thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world with around 7000 years of history.

Here a Kurdish soldier greeted us on the top of the mountain we’d run up in the scorching heat (at over 2000m altitude), asking for photos and offering us water despite the daytime fasting of Ramadan.

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Just a small dot in a large ocean of sky.
Thanks to @tom__livingstone and @flyingchamonix for a fun pre-work home and fly. Was all great until I landed in a big pile of 💩

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