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8 reasons to be positive about the EU Referendum result

EU flag

Like many friends and colleagues I awoke on Friday feeling alienated in my own country.   I appreciate those who voted leave saying that for them this is the feeling that has built up over many years, but the intensity with which such a feeling was brought upon was devastating. I don’t think those that voted to …

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Can technology reduce teacher workload?

Following on from the Workload Challenge, I was commissioned by Advanced Learning to write a short report on the potential role of edtech in reducing workload. The report "Can technology reduce teacher workload" focusses on the key barriers that are holding back edtech innovation and its potential to impact upon workload.

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Why the Acas Code of Practice should change

Business secretary Vince Cable recently announced that he was signing off a “minor” amendment to the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures after a year-long consultation. In the next breath he called for Acas to carry out a full review of the same code. Why did the outcome of a minor consultation trigger a full review ...

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