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How I think you should vote at BMC AGM 2018, and why I’m running for Vice President

First things first, how you vote, is entirely your decision, and I encourage you to read the documents attached on each item at the top of the voting card.  If you disagree with me on how to vote, then that's fine! However, if, like me, you...

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Is this the BMC’s Corbyn moment?

In the last year the BMC has faced a torrid time; the Climb Britain u-turn, and now a potential 40% Sport England funding cut, a proposed Alpine Club Special General Meeting and a guerilla 'vote of no confidence'. Is this a storm in a teacup, is the board "betraying" the members, or are these all just red herrings?

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A State of Shock (Etat du Choc)

There was a list of four routes on Heather's fridge (the fridge list). Three weren't in condition after the recent storms in Chamonix, so that left one: Etat du Choc on the Petit Clocher du Portalet. My french brain didn't seem to be on form after a long week of work and I'd forgotten that this route translates as State of Shock, and not some sweeter alternative. That said the line, after a good few hours of upward fighting up a 9 pitch off-width was definitely worthy of being on the fridge list, and the north face of the Portalet is quite possibly the best face of granite in region.

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The savage statistics of K2

“K2 is the most demanding climb in the Himalayas. 1 in 4 climbers who have tried to get to the top have perished.” James Naughtie, BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, 16th Nov 2011 If my mother was listening to Radio 4 this morning I’m fairly sure there’ll be no way she’ll ever allow me to …

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The Ginat, N Face of Les Droites

“Unlike the Bonatti pillar, the Walker or even the Freney, it seems improbable that the North Face of Les Droites will ever be downgraded, or become popular and lose its character. It will always remain remote and untamed.” Gaston Rebuffat. If Rebuffat turned ever so slightly in his grave upon Ueli Steck summiting in about …

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